The Dutch PV Portal 3.0

Solar Energy Education

How do we get electricity from sunlight? What is an off-grid PV system? What does an inverter do? Are you interested in learning more about solar energy? Explore your interests here and find out about the learning possibilities that the TU Delft can offer you.

How does solar energy work?

How do we obtain electricity for sunlight? How does a solar cell work? What is a PV system? Find out about the technology of photovoltaics here.

PV system modelling

How can you simulate the expected performance of a PV system? What model is used behind the tools presented on this website? Read here about what PV system modelling involves.

Why solar energy?

About the energy transition and why/how we need solar energy. The vision of the ESE group explained, fields of research?

Solar energy at TU Delft

There is many research on solar energy going on at the TU Delft. Here could be an overview of the MOOCs, books, other recommended websites / organisations etc.