The Dutch PV Portal 3.0

Calculation tools & models

Design a PV system for your location within the Netherlands, view the simulated solar power production of the whole Netherlands or find out what solar panels could offer you. Discover and play around with the several online, free-to-use tools and models developed within the PVMD group.

Rooftop Scan

Are you not sure if solar panels are a good idea in your case? How many solar panels fit on your roof? Do the rooftop-scan and quickly find out whether your roof is suitable for solar panels and if you could save money!

PV System Design tool

Design a PV system for your location and discover the benefits and simulated performance of this system based on the real-time weather and climate data of the KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute).

Dutch Solar Energy Production

Do you want to get an idea of how solar power in the Netherlands is growing? Click here to view the simulated Dutch daily and annual solar energy production in detail.

Virtual PV system simulation

View the simulation results of a 6.9 MWp virtual solar power plant in the province of Zuid-Holland. Real-time weather data and the PV Portal 3.0 performance caluclation model are used to calculate the power production of this system.

Yield model explanation

The backbone of these models is a performance calculation model. Read all about how these calculations are done here and what scientific models are used.